Crematogaster pellens,

Walker, F., 1859, Characters of some apparently undescribed Ceylon insects., Annals and Magazine of Natural History 4, pp. 370-376: 374

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Crematogaster pellens


Crematogaster pellens  HNS  .

Faem. Fulvus, gracilis, pubescens, capite subrotundo, mandibulis latis trigonis, antennis testaceis clavatis, metathorace bidentato, abdomine longi-elliptico, pedibus testaceis breviusculis, alis albidis amplis, venis stigmateque testaceis.

Female. Tawny, shining, minutely pubescent. Head nearly round; mandibles short, broad, triangular. Antennae testaceous, clavate, shorter than the thorax. Metathorax with two short stout spines. First node of the peduncle much longer than the second. Abdomen long-elliptical, very convex beneath, longer and broader than the thorax. Legs short, testaceous; femora, sometimes darker. Wings whitish, ample; veins and stigma testaceous, the former in structure like those of Crematogaster castaneus  HNS  . Length of the body 4 lines; of the wings 8 lines.