Bambusicaliscelis flavus Chen & Gong

Gong, Nian, Yang, Lin & Chen, Xiang-Sheng, 2018, Two new species of the bamboo-feeding genus Bambusicaliscelis Chen & Zhang, 2011 from China (Hemiptera, Fulgoromorpha, Caliscelidae), ZooKeys 776, pp. 81-89: 83-84

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Bambusicaliscelis flavus Chen & Gong

sp. n.

Bambusicaliscelis flavus Chen & Gong  sp. n. Figs 1-12


Body length (from apex of vertex to tip of abdomen): male 4.2-4.3 mm (N = 2); forewing length: male 1.7-1.8 mm (N = 2).


Coloration. Body mainly yellowish brown. The longitudinal stripe from apex of vertex to tip of abdomen pale yellow, abdomen blackish brown (Figs 1-2). Frons (Figure 4) brown with the small yellowish white pustules between lateral and submedian carinae. Clypeus, antennae and legs yellowish brown. Eyes brown. Pustules of pro- and mesonotum (Figure 3) yellowish white. Forewing (Figs 1-2, 6) yellow.

Head and thorax. Vertex with anterior margin slightly convex, width of vertex (Figure 3) including eyes 0.9 times narrower than pronotum. Vertex (Figure 3) with length in middle line 0.7 times than width at base. Frons (Figure 4) 1.1 times longer in middle line than widest part, submedian carinae slightly keeled; areas between submedian carinae and lateral carinae slightly depressed. Pronotum (Figure 3) shorter in middle line than vertex (1:1.3). Mesonotum (Figure 3) 0.8 times as long as vertex and pronotum together in middle line. Forewing (Figure 6) with length 1.1 times than broad at widest part, veins obscure.

Male genitalia. Anal segment in dorsal view (Figure 7) with length 1.5 times longer in middle line than widest part, lateral margins slight concave; in lateral view (Figure 8) dorsal margin slightly convex, broadening apically, to apical 1/2 widest, thence abruptly narrowed, ventral margin slightly concave. Pygofer in lateral view (Figure 8) with posterior margin sinuate; in posterior view (Figure 9) nearly oval, with length 1.9 times than widest part; in ventral view (Figure 11) with posterior margin slightly concave, anterior margin slightly convex, two lateral margins subparallel. Genital style in lateral view (Figure 10) with median portion broad, large, apical margin slightly concave, with length 1.7 times as long as widest part; in ventral view (Figure 11) pear-like. Aedeagus with phallobase relatively large, truncate; phallus (Figs 8, 12) tubular, slender and long, tapering apically, apical 1/2 beyond apical margin of phallobase, then apical 1/4 dorsally reflexed.

Type material.

Holotype: ♂, China: Yunnan Province, Lushui County, Pianma Town (26°10'N, 98°38'E), 17 August 2008, Xiang-Sheng Chen; paratypes: ♂, data same as holotype.

Host plant.



China (Yunnan).


The specific name is derived from the Latin words " flavus  " which refer to its forewing color.

Differential diagnosis.

This new species is similar to B. fanjingensis  , but differs in: 1) forewing yellow (dark brown in fanjingensis  ); 2) pygofer in posterior view, ventral margin without medioventral process (with a medioventral process in fanjingensis  ); 3) pygofer in lateral view with dorsal margin roundly convex and posterior margin sinuate (dorsal and posterior margin concave at middle in fanjingensis  ).