Achaeta cf. brevivasa Graefe, 1980

Dózsa-Farkas, Klára, Felföldi, Tamás & Hong, Yong, 2015, New enchytraeid species (Enchytraeidae, Oligochaeta) from Korea, Zootaxa 4006 (1), pp. 171-197: 191

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Achaeta cf. brevivasa Graefe, 1980


Achaeta cf. brevivasa Graefe, 1980 

( Figure 13View FIGURE 13, A,B)

NIBRIV0000320532, NIBRIV0000320533, slides 1084, 1085. Two adult fixed and stained specimens, collected from site 11. Segment number 20–23, length 3.1–3.5 mm, in vivo, 2.1–2.7 mm long and about 200–210 µm wide, fixed. Pyriform glands absent, lentiform epidermal glands not detected. Clitellum and male openings in XII. Clitellum with 6 baguette-rows of hyalocytes; between rows, at the edges, granulocytes present ( Fig. 13View FIGURE 13 B). Brain 65–75 µm long (fixed) and about 1.5 times longer than wide, rounded posteriorly. Coelomocytes rounded, about 44 µm long. One pair small secondary pharyngeal glands in VI, not well visible. Two pairs preclitellar nephridia in 6 / 7, 7/ 8. Sperm funnels small, 40–50 µm long and 20–21 µm wide. Spermathecae in V, about 65–75 µm long in vivo ( Fig. 13View FIGURE 13 A). The whole mounts are unfortunately not of good quality; secondary pharyngeal glands could not be seen with certainty, and lentiform epidermal glands were not detected, either. For these reasons we added a "cf." to the species name.