Coryne eximia Allman, 1859

Moura, Carlos J., 2015, The hydrozoan fauna (Cnidaria: Hydrozoa) from the peaks of the Ormonde and Gettysburg seamounts (Gorringe Bank, NE Atlantic), Zootaxa 3972 (2), pp. 148-180: 154-155

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Coryne eximia Allman, 1859


Coryne eximia Allman, 1859 

(fig. 2 J)

Coryne eximia Allman, 1859: 141  .— Schuchert, 2001 b: 773 –776, figs. 13 A –D & 18 B –C.— Puce et al., 2003: 249 –252, figs. 1– 4.— Schuchert, 2005 a: 194 –199, fig. 2.

Material studied.— Ormonde, stn 4: very abundant on diving cable lost two years before; fertile colonies; epibionts: Lafoeina tenuis  , Clytia cf. gracilis  , small algae and calcified Bryozoa; DBUA 1508.01; Genbank accession no. KM 402029View Materials.

Remarks. This biological material was only found on anthropogenic materials at a single sampling station, and its 16 S sequence is equal to others of colonies exclusively from the Mediterranean (Genbank accession: AJ 878715.1; Schuchert 2005 a). Essentially, this is a coastal species usually found in harbours, estuaries and on floating objects (e.g. Russel 1953). Therefore its presence at the Ormonde seamount suggests fairly recent geneflow between the Gorringe and Mediterranean, perhaps mediated by an unintentional anthropogenic introduction, but further evidence is required to support this hypothesis.

Furthermore, this is the first record of C. eximia  in the Gorringe, the southernmost in the northeast Atlantic, and apparently the deepest depth record (previous records had been from 25 m depth, Fey 1970).

Reported distribution. Eastern Atlantic.—British Isles (e.g. Allman 1859; Russell 1953; Schuchert 2001 b), Denmark ( Petersen 1990), Norway ( Hartlaub 1907), Germany ( Hartlaub 1894), Belgium ( Leloup 1947, 1952; Massin et al. 2002), Netherlands ( Leloup 1933), France (e.g. Boero & Bouillon 1968; Schuchert 2005 a), north Spain (e.g. Altuna &), Gorringe (present study).

Mediterranean.— France ( Schuchert 2005 a; Galea 2007), Lebanese coast ( Goy et al. 1991), Italy ( Puce et al. 2003; Schuchert 2005 a) and Ligurian Sea ( Goy 1972; Puce et al. 2003).

Elsewhere.—Circumglobal with preference for temperate waters; east coasts of Canada and USA, South Africa and Pacific (Alaska to California, Chile, New Zealand, Western Australia and Japan) (e.g. Schuchert 2001 a, b, 2005 a).


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Coryne eximia Allman, 1859

Moura, Carlos J. 2015

Coryne eximia

Schuchert 2005: 194
Puce 2003: 249
Schuchert 2001: 773
Allman 1859: 141