Ademula McAtee & Malloch 1926

Tatarnic, Nikolai J., Wall, Michael A. & Cassis, Gerasimos, 2011, A systematic revision of the Australian ploiarioline thread-legged assassin bugs (Hemiptera: Reduviidae: Emesinae), Zootaxa 2762, pp. 1-30: 4

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Ademula McAtee & Malloch 1926


Ademula McAtee & Malloch 1926 

Diagnosis. Recognized by the following combination of characters: body moderately clothed in long sometimes prostrate silky setae; wool-like pile absent; pterostigma extending to apex of the wing; subbasal cell absent; scutellum and 2 nd abdominal tergite (1 st visible) with spine; metanotum with median longitudinal ridge ending posteriorly with a conical tubercle; three-segmented foretarsi; phallotheca with dorsal saddle-shaped sclerotization. The posterior lobe of the pronotum is deeply pitted (almost honeycombed) in the Australian species.

Distribution. Indo-Pacific

Remarks. Wygodzinsky (1966) suggests that this genus is allied with the Neotropical genus Malacopus Stål, though no phylogenetic framework currently exists to test this hypothesis.