Tatarnic, Nikolai J., Wall, Michael A. & Cassis, Gerasimos, 2011, A systematic revision of the Australian ploiarioline thread-legged assassin bugs (Hemiptera: Reduviidae: Emesinae), Zootaxa 2762, pp. 1-30: 2

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Ploiariolini  Van Duzee

Diagnosis. Within the subfamily Emesinae  the Ploiariolini  are distinguished by the following combination of characters: small size (5–7 mm), pronotum completely covering mesonotum, RS vein absent, and oblique cross vein connecting proximal corner of discal cell with costal margin. Additionally, the ploiarioline seminal duct is basally bifurcate forming two ducts, each within a separate endosomal lobe.

Distribution. Members of the Ploiariolini  are found throughout the world, excluding the far north and far south. They are most diverse in the tropics and particularly so in the Australasian region. Within Australia, the tribe is most diverse in tropical and temperate areas, with few species penetrating the arid region.