Ichnea digna Wolcott, 1927

Opitz, Weston, 2010, Classification, Natural History, and Evolution of the Epiphloeinae (Coleoptera: Cleridae). Part VIII. The Genera Acanthocollum Opitz, Stegnoclava Opitz, and Ichnea Laporte, The Coleopterists Bulletin (mo 9) 64, pp. 1-65 : 38-39

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Ichnea digna Wolcott, 1927


Ichnea digna Wolcott, 1927

( Figs. 57, 58, 143 View Figs , 160 View Figs , 178 View Figs , 200 View Figs ; Map 5 View Map 5 )

Ichnea digna Wolcott, 1927: 93 . Holotype. Gender not known. San Carlos , Costa Rica, Schild and Burgdorf (USNM). (Specimen pin mounted, no other information available.) Blackwelder 1945: 389; Corporaal 1950: 270.

Diagnosis. Specimens of this species have a narrow, essentially planar frons (although in some specimens, including the holotype, there is a faint, longitudinal impression). In these characteristics, beetles of I. digna differ from superficially similar specimens of I. gremia in that the elytral disc does not show a pale transverse fascia.

Description. Size: Length 7.7 mm; width 2.6 mm. Form ( Fig. 143 View Figs ): Oblong subovoid. Integ- umental color ( Figs. 57, 58): Cranium mostly yellow, dark markings behind eye; pronotum roseate; elytra mostly dark brown, with yellow lines along sutural and epipleural margins; profemora with anterior facies yellow, remainder brown, mesofemora and metafemora mostly yellow, with dorsal brown line. Head: HW/PW 1.0; frons minutely indented; EW/VW 3.9; antenna as in Fig. 160 View Figs , funicle not compressed. Thorax: PL/PW 1.0; elytra broad subovoid, EL/PL 5.6; EL/EW 2.2; anterior margin of protibia with 12 spines. Male genitalia: Aedeagus as in Fig. 178 View Figs . Male mesodermal internal reproductive organs ( Fig. 200 View Figs ): Medial accessory gland about as long as lateral gland; testes comprised of 22 follicles.

Variation. Size: length 5.5–6.1 mm; width 1.7– 2.5 mm. The pronotum may be entirely roseate, but with anteromedial and posteromedial dark spots, or yellow at the sides and a variously expressed dark vertical vitta on the disc.

Natural History. Specimens have been collected from December through June; some in a Malaise trap in primary and secondary rainforest and some on a fallen log of P. macroloba . The known altitudes from which these beetles have been captured range from 150 to 610 m.

Distribution. The known range of this species extends from Nicaragua to western Colombia ( Map 5 View Map 5 ).

Specimens Examined. 4 4. NICARAGUA: Chontales. COSTA RICA: Guanacaste, Hacienda El Oro, LaCruz, Santa Cecilia, 1992, 500 m, C. Moraga; Maritza, 1988, 600 m Malaise trap; 3 km SE Rio Naranjo, 25-31-X-1992, F. D. Parker; idem, 8-12-VI-1993, F. D. Parker: Heredia, La Selva, 10°26′N 84°01′W, 2-III-1993, 50– 150 m; idem, 15-III-1993; idem, 16-III-1993; idem, 4-IV- 1994; idem, 1-II-1996; idem, 2-IV-1998; Puerto Viejo, La Selva, 28-XII-1985, E. Giesbert; La Selva, 3 km S Puerto Viejo, 10°26′N 84°01′W, 2-IV-1984, on fallen branch of Pentaclethra macroloba, H. A. Hespenheide ; idem, 4-IV-1984, H. A. Hespenheide; idem, 27-IV-1990, H. A. Hespenheide; idem, 7-V-1990, H. A. Hespenheide; idem, 21-I-3-II-1991, H. A. Hespenheide; idem, 4-VIII-1996, H. A. Hespenheide; 11 km ESE La Virgen, 10°21N 54°03W, 6-IV- 2004, 350 m, Malaise trap: Limón: 35 km N Guapiles, 18-20- VI-1978, E. Giesbert. PANAMA: Bocas Del Toro, 40 km W Chiriquí Grande, 10-V-1999, Morris & Wappes; 18–20 km NE Fortuna Dam, 23-26-V- 1984, 610 m, E. Giesbert: Chiriquí, Hacienda Las Lagunas, 8-I-1981, dead trunk, G. Ekis: Panamá, Barro Colorado, Canal Zone, V-1929, Darlington; Altos de Pacora, 4-10-I, E. Giesbert; Cerro Azul, 4 km N Goofy Lake, 9°12′N 79°23′W, 24-VII- 1970, 700 m, H. A. Hespenheide; 3 km S Cerro Jefe, 24-VII- 1970, 700 m, R. P. Hespenheide; Cerro Campana, 29-VI- 1974, 350 m, Erwin & Whitehead; 10 km N El Llano, 16-20-V- 1984, 427 m, E. Giesbert; Madden Dam, 21-V-1978, G. B. Marshall. COLOMBIA: Cauca, Isla Gorgona Mancora, 2°58′N 78°11′W, 29-IV-9-V-2000, 60 m Malaise trap, H. Torres; Isla Gorgona Alto, El Mirador, 2°58′N 78°11′W, 26-V-10-VI- 2000, 180 m, Malaise trap, H. Torres; Gorgona, El Helechal, 2°58′ N 78°11′ W, 7-20-II-2001, 30 m, Malaise trap, H.

Torres. Specimens are deposited in CHAH, FSCA, IAVH, INBC, JEWC, USNM, and WOPC.














Ichnea digna Wolcott, 1927

Opitz, Weston 2010

Ichnea digna

Wolcott 1927: 93