Ichnea incerta Gorham, 1877

Opitz, Weston, 2010, Classification, Natural History, and Evolution of the Epiphloeinae (Coleoptera: Cleridae). Part VIII. The Genera Acanthocollum Opitz, Stegnoclava Opitz, and Ichnea Laporte, The Coleopterists Bulletin (mo 9) 64, pp. 1-65 : 41-42

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https://doi.org/ 10.1649/0010-065X-64.mo4.1

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Ichnea incerta Gorham, 1877


Ichnea incerta Gorham, 1877

( Figs. 110, 111 View Figs , 142 View Figs , 163 View Figs , 184 View Figs , 199, 202 View Figs ; Map 5 View Map 5 )

Ichnea incerta Gorham, 1877: 413 . Lectotype ♀. Herein designated. Amazon, Bates (BMNH) (Specimen point mounted, gender label affixed to paper point; round type label; round syntype label; type identification label; identification/ locality label; BMNH repository label; lectotype label; plastic vial with abdomen and ovipositor.) Lohde 1900: 101; Schenkling 1903: 102, 1910: 123; Blackwelder 1945: 389; Corporaal, 1950: 271.

Paralectotypes. Five specimens. Brazil: Amazonas : Amazon, Bates ( BMNH, 4; MNHN, 1) .

Diagnosis. Specimens of this species superficially resemble the members of I. plumbea , from which they may be separated by their indented frons. Also, in I. plumbea specimens the frons is planar and the vertex is wide.

Description. Size: Length 8.3 mm; width 3.0 mm. Form ( Fig. 142 View Figs ): Oblong subovoid. Integumental color ( Figs. 110, 111 View Figs ): Cranium and pronotum light yellow brown; elytral disc yellow brown, epipleural and sutural margins yellow; femora and tarsi yellow, tibiae brown. Head: HW/ PW 0.93; frons indented; EW/VW 2.4; antenna as in Fig. 163 View Figs , funicle not compressed. Thorax: Pronotum as in Fig. 142 View Figs , PL/PW 1.0; elytra broadly subovoid, epipleuron flared, EL/PL 4.9; EL/EW 2.4; anterior margin of protibia with 12 spines. Male genitalia: Aedeagus as in Fig. 184 View Figs . Male mesodermal internal reproductive organs ( Fig. 199 View Figs ): Medial accessory gland about as long as lateral gland; testes comprised of 12 follicles. Female mesodermal internal reproductive organs ( Fig. 202 View Figs ): Spermatheca not capsular; spermathecal gland attached to subapex of spermatheca; bursa copulatrix saccular.

Variation. Size: length 6.2–9.0 mm; width 2.0– 3.2 mm. There is considerable variation in the extent of yellow, yellow brown, or brown coloration of the pronotum and elytron. These variations in dark and light regions are depicted in Figs. 110 and 111 View Figs .

Natural History. During February , in a tropical rainforest aside Rio Negro in Amazonia, Brazil, I collected 82 specimens with an aspirator as they landed on a recently felled tree trunk of Manilkara sp .

Distribution. This distribution of this species extends from Ecuador to Brazil ( Map 5 View Map 5 ).

Specimens Examined. In addition to the type series, 95 specimens were studied. ECUADOR: Orellana, Reserva Ethnica, Waorani, 1 km S of Onkone Gare Camp, 00°39′S 76°27′W, 7-X- 1995, 220 m, T.L. Erwin; Tiputini Biodiversiy Station near Yasuni National Forest, 00°37′S 76°08′W, 7-II- 1999, 220– 250 m, T.L. Erwin. PERU: Amazones. BRAZIL: Amazonas, Manaus, 1 km W Taruma Falls, 15-II-1-III- 81, 100 m, on felled trunk of Manilkara, G. Ekis (now Weston Opitz); idem, 28-II-1981, G. Ekis; idem, 28-II-1981, C. W. Young; idem, 30 km E Manaus, New Tribes Mission School, 17-III-1981, G. Ekis; idem, Santarem; idem, Chapada; idem, Manaus; idem, Maués, Hahnel. Pará: Itaituba, Hahnel ; idem, Obidos, M de Mathan. Specimens are deposited in BMNH, CMNH, FSCA, MNHN, USNM, and WOPC.

lycoides species-group

These ichneans have small, seriate elytral punctations and the pronotum is broadly trapezoidal. The geographic distribution of this group extends from Nicaragua to south-central Brazil.


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