Hydrozoanthidae Sinniger, Reimer, & Pawlowski, 2010,

Swain, Timothy D. & Swain, Laura M., 2014, Molecular parataxonomy as taxon description: examples from recently named Zoanthidea (Cnidaria: Anthozoa) with revision based on serial histology of microanatomy, Zootaxa 3796 (1), pp. 81-107: 93

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Hydrozoanthidae Sinniger, Reimer, & Pawlowski, 2010


Family Hydrozoanthidae Sinniger, Reimer, & Pawlowski, 2010 

Zoanthidea  with macrocnemic mesenterial arrangement and simple endodermal or transitional marginal musculature. Species associated with Hydrozoa or are free-living. Hydrozoanthidae  share specific genetic characters (insertions and deletions in the V 5 region of mitochondrial 16 S rDNA gene, as defined in Sinniger et al. 2005) and are monophyletic with suborder Brachycnemina  . Expanded polyps to 12 mm diameter and 20 mm length, encrusted, and connected by coenenchyme. Tentacles and mesenteries 30–42 (diagnosis expanded from Sinniger et al. 2010).