Eutetranychus Banks

Kamran, Muhammad, Khan, Eid Muhammad & Alatawi, Fahad Jaber, 2018, The spider mites of the genus Eutetranychus Banks (Acari, Trombidiformes, Tetranychidae) from Saudi Arabia: two new species, a re-description, and a key to the world species, ZooKeys 799, pp. 47-88: 47

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Eutetranychus Banks


Genus Eutetranychus Banks 

Neotetranychus (Eutetranychus)  Banks, 1917: 197.

Anychus  McGregor, 1919: 644.

Eutetranychus  Banks, McGregor 1950: 267.

Type species.

Tetranychus banksi  McGregor, 1914.


Based on Meyer 1987. The genus Eutetranychus  can be recognized by the combination of following characters: Propodosomal setae three pairs (v2, sc1 and sc2); opisthosomal setae 10 pairs (c1−3, d1−2, e1−2, f1−2, h1); setae f1 either normally or widely spaced; anal setae (ps1-2) and para anal setae (h2-3) each two pairs; empodium absent or reduced to small rounded tiny knob; true claws pad-like; tarsi I with two or three solenidia (two solenidia closely associated with fastigial setae ft), tarsi II with one or two solenidia; coxa II with either one or two setae.