Sinopesa Raven & Schwendinger, 1995

Li, Shuqiang & Zonstein, Sergei, 2015, Eight new species of the spider genera Raveniola and Sinopesa from China and Vietnam (Araneae, Nemesiidae), ZooKeys 519, pp. 1-32: 13-14

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Sinopesa Raven & Schwendinger, 1995


Taxon classification Animalia Araneae Nemesiidae

Genus Sinopesa Raven & Schwendinger, 1995 

Type species.

Sinopesa maculata  Raven & Schwendinger, 1995, by the original designation.


Sinopesa  , like Raveniola  , differs from Hermacha  and Entypesa  by lacking serrula and metatarsal preening combs and by possessing two enlarged retroventral spines in males and divided receptacles in females. As in members of Raveniola  , the PMS in Sinopesa  are reduced in size and even lost in some species - a condition which has never been observed in Hermacha  and Entypesa  . Sinopesa  differs from its close relative Raveniola  by a thin and less developed scopula and by the presence of a well-developed male intercheliceral tumescence (which is less developed in Raveniola  and completely lost in all Chinese members of this genus).


Six species - Sinopesa chengbuensis  (Xu & Yin, 2002) (China), Sinopesa chinensis  ( Kulczyński, 1901) (China), Sinopesa ninhbinhensis  sp. n. (Vietnam), Sinopesa kumensis  Shimojana & Haupt, 2000 (Ryukyu Isles), Sinopesa maculata  Raven & Schwendinger, 1995 (Thailand) and Sinopesa sinensis  (Xu & Yin, 2002) (China). The new species is described below.

Key to species of Sinopesa 

Males of Sinopesa chengbuensis  and females of Sinopesa ninhbinhensis  sp. n. are unknown