Nahuatlea purpusii (T.S. Brandegee) V.A.Funk, 2017

Funk, Vicki A., Sancho, Gisela & Roque, Nadia, 2017, Nahuatlea: a new genus of compositae (Gochnatieae) from North America, PhytoKeys 91, pp. 105-124 : 112-114

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Nahuatlea purpusii (T.S. Brandegee) V.A.Funk

comb. nov.

3. Nahuatlea purpusii (T.S. Brandegee) V.A.Funk comb. nov. Fig. 6 View Figure 6

Gochnatia purpusii T.S. Brandegee, Zöe 5(11): 240. 1906.


Mexico. Puebla: Tehuacan, 1800 m, June 1905, C.A. Purpus 1164 (Holotype: UC 91904; Isotypes: BM 000947904, F 0050268, GH 00008382, NY 00169558, RSA 0001214). [Specimens at P (P00703338 & P00703339) and E (E00413001) have the correct collecting number but incorrect dates and may or may not be type material; Cabrera (1971) cites isotypes at G, MO, and MEXU that are not found in JSTOR-GP. MO has confirmed that the specimen is not in their collection but there is no information on the others.


Shrub of unknown size (one isotype has what appears to be “5– 6 m" written on the label); leaves coriaceous, petiole minute (1-2 mm), blade 1.8-3.0 × 0.5-1.4 cm, elliptical or slightly lanceolate or oblanceolate, glabrescent adaxially, white flocculent-tomentose abaxially; heads sessile, in few clusters of 8-15, clusters all at apex of branches; involucre campanulate (especially at early flowering), ca. 10 mm tall × 5-6 mm wide, bracts in 5-6 series, densely wooly abaxially; flowers 12-18 per head; corollas yellowish, ca. 8 mm long; anther base caudate, tails ca. 1 mm long, fimbrillate; pappus ca. 7.5 mm long, bi-seriate with slender bristles.


Cabrera (1971) and Jervis (1954) disagree somewhat on the size of the leaf blade: Cabrera lists it as 18-30 mm × 5-14 mm and Jervis has 2.0-2.5 cm × 0.5-1.0 cm. Our measurements, taken from the Holotype, fall within those given by Jervis, however, the isotypes may show the greater range given by Cabrera.


Mexico: known only from four collections all from Puebla.