Atractides comorosensis Smit & Pesic, 2009

Pešić, Vladimir, Smit, Harry & Mary, Nathalie, 2015, Third contribution to the knowledge of water mites from the Comoros, with the description of two new species (Acari: Hydrachnidia), Zootaxa 3964 (4), pp. 445-459 : 456

publication ID 10.11646/zootaxa.3964.4.4

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Atractides comorosensis Smit & Pesic, 2009


Atractides comorosensis Smit & Pesic, 2009

Material examined. Comoros , Mayotte: River Bouyouni, 12°44'55,6"S, 45°08'36,4"E, 16-iv-2009, 4/19/1 (1/0/0 mounted); River Bouyouni, upstream, 12°45'38,4"S, 45°08'46,7"E, alt. 105 m asl., 19-iv-2009, 0/5[1 juvenile]/0; ibid., 30-vii-2012, 0/1/0; River Bouyouni, 12°44'25,35"S, 45°08'33,3"E, 16-iv-2009, 2[1 juvenile]/10[1 juvenile]/ 0; River Dembéni, 20-iv-2009, 0/1/0; Dembéni River, 12°50'24,5"S, 45°10'33,2"E, 19-iv-2009, 0/0/1; River Gouloué, 12°47'27,2"S, 45°11'22,9"E, 15-iv-2009, 3/7/0; River Koualé, tributary, 12°47'57,35"S, 45°09'51,2"E, 21-iv-2009, 0/4/0; River Koualé, 12°47'49,7"S, 45°11'8,6"E, 21-vi-2009, 0/2/0; River Koualé, 12°48'22,1"S, 45°11'55,1"E, 13-iv-2009, 0/1/0; River Koualé, 12°48'19,5"S, 45°09'49,7"E, 21-iv-2009, 3/4/0; River Longoni, 12°44'20,05"S, 45°09'53,6"E, 16-iv-2009, 3/27/0; River Mroni Mouala, 12°46'17,2"S, 45°08'51,1"E, 20-iv-2009, 1/4/1; River Mtsangachehi, 12°53'04,15"S, 45°07'55,4"E, 14-iv-2009, 1/1/0; River Ourovéni, 12°48'29,9"S, 45°07'39,4"E, 17-iv-2009, 1/1/0.

Distribution. Comoros : Mayotte.

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