Stethantyx Townes, 1971

Khalaim, Andrey I. & Ruiz-Cancino, Enrique, 2020, Contribution to the taxonomy of Mexican Tersilochinae (Hymenoptera, Ichneumonidae), with descriptions of five new species, ZooKeys 974, pp. 1-21: 1

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Stethantyx Townes, 1971


Genus Stethantyx Townes, 1971  

Type species.

Stethantyx nearctica   Townes, 1971.

Large and almost exclusively Neotropical genus with ca. 50 described and many undescribed species. Three species of Stethantyx   occur in America north of Mexico, including one species introduced from South America ( Horstmann 2010), and six Mexican species were reviewed by Khalaim and Ruíz-Cancino (2013). Species of the genus are known as parasitoids of coleopteran hosts of the families Curculionidae   and Nitidulidae   .

Two new species of Stethantyx   are described here from Mexico, raising the total number of known Stethantyx   species in Mexico to eight. The both new species possess right-angled radial cell in the fore wing and belong to the species group radiata   (see Khalaim et al. 2015), while other six Mexican species belong to the species group nearctica   , as they have abscissae of radius (Rs+2r and Rs) meeting at obtuse angle (see Khalaim and Broad 2013, Khalaim et al. 2013).