Antrocephalus lugubris (Masi, 1932)

Narendran, T. C. & van Achterberg, Cornelis, 2016, Revision of the family Chalcididae (Hymenoptera, Chalcidoidea) from Vietnam, with the description of 13 new species, ZooKeys 576, pp. 1-202: 12

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Antrocephalus lugubris (Masi, 1932)


Taxon classification Animalia Hymenoptera Chalcididae

Antrocephalus lugubris (Masi, 1932)   Figs 12-13

Tainania lugubris   Masi, 1932b: 238 (♂, ( DEI) Taiwan).

Antrocephalus lugubris   ; Narendran 1977: 296 (new combination).

Tainania aceroscutellaris   Sheng & Wen (in Sheng), 1989: 21 (Jiangxi; China ( JXAU) (synonymised by Narendran and Padmasenan (1991) with Antrocephalus lugubris   Masi).


1 ♀ ( RMNH), "S. Vietnam: Dóng Nai, Cát Tiên N. P., ca 100 m, 14-20.v.2007, Mal. traps 20-23, Lagerstroemia   tr[ail], C. v. Achterberg & R. de Vries, RMNH’07”; 3 ♂ ( RMNH, IEBR), "S. Vietnam: Ninh Thuân, Núi Chúa N. P., northeast part, 90-150 m. 23-30.v.2007, Malaise trap, C. v. Achterberg & R. de Vries, RMNH’07”; 1 ♀ (BMBM), "Vietnam, [locality unknown], 7.xi.1986. C.M. Yoshimoto".


This is a remarkable species with a characteristic apex of the scutellum.


♀♂: black; pre-orbital carina joins auricular carinae as in Antrocephalus hakonensis   (Ashmead); apex of scutellum narrowly pointed with a split in the middle (Fig. 13), scutellum with a median longitudinal furrow; T1 without basal carinae but with a pit, callus with dense silvery pubescence; lateral tooth of propodeum well pronounced and directed upwards; hind coxa without a dorsal tooth; hind femur without an inner basal tooth.




India, Vietnam (new record), Singapore, Indonesia (Java), Philippines ( Narendran 1989) and China (including Taiwan; Sheng and Wen 1989).