Dinychidae Berlese, 1916, Berlese, 1916

Halliday, R. B., 2016, Catalogue of families and their type genera in the mite suborder Uropodina (Acari: Mesostigmata), Zootaxa 4061 (4), pp. 347-366: 353

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Dinychidae Berlese, 1916


Dinychidae Berlese, 1916  

Dinychinis Berlese, 1916 b: 135.

Type species Dinychus Kramer, 1886: 255   .

Notes. Most authors have attributed the name Dinychidae   to Vitzthum, 1931. However, Berlese (1916 b) refers to the placement of his new genus Metadinychus   as "Ex Uropodidis, Dinychinis". Berlese's meaning here is ambiguous, but this could be interpreted to mean Family Uropodidae   , Subfamily Dinychinae or Tribe Dinychini. Where Berlese describes other new genera in the same paper, the genus name is sometimes followed by the name of its family, for example " Coleoscirus Berl.   n. gen., Ex. fam. Bdellidae   ", but his typographical style is not consistent. Farrier & Hennessey (1993) interpreted the word "Dinychinis" as a family-group name, and I have followed that usage.