Apterichtus klazingai (Weber)

John E. McCosker & John E. Randall, 2005, Notes on the snake eels of the genera Apterichtus and Ichthyapus (Anguilliformes: Ophichthidae) of the Central and South Pacific, with the description of a new species., Zootaxa 800, pp. 1-11: 7

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Apterichtus klazingai (Weber)


[[ Apterichtus klazingai (Weber)  ]]

Record of Apterichtus klazingai  from Hawaii

While examining Hawaiian specimens of Apterichtus  ZBK  in the collections of the Australian Museum, BPBM, CAS, and the USNM, we discovered 21 specimens of A. klazingai (Weber 1913)  that had been collected in 20 m by the junior author along the Kona Coast of Hawaii. They differ from A. flavicaudus  in vertebral counts and cephalic pores (Table 2), and in having numerous small brown spots along the posterodorsal surface of the head (Pl. 1c). They represent a new record for the Hawaiian Archipelago.

Material examined of Hawaiian Apterichtus klazingai  : BPBM 7906, 21(100-266), Waawaa Pt., Kona Coast, Hawaii.