Goodenia subg. Monochila sect. Scaevolina (Carolin) K.A.Sheph., comb. et, Shepherd & Lepschi & Johnson & Gardner & Sessa & Jabaily, 2020

Shepherd, Kelly A., Lepschi, Brendan J., Johnson, Eden A., Gardner, Andrew G., Sessa, Emily B. & Jabaily, Rachel S., 2020, The concluding chapter: recircumscription of Goodenia (Goodeniaceae) to include four allied genera with an updated infrageneric classification, PhytoKeys 152, pp. 27-104: 27

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Goodenia subg. Monochila sect. Scaevolina (Carolin) K.A.Sheph., comb. et

stat. nov.

Goodenia subg. Monochila sect. Scaevolina (Carolin) K.A.Sheph., comb. et  stat. nov.

Goodenia subsect. Scaevolina  Carolin in A.S.George (ed.), Fl. Austral. 35: 331. 1992 - Type: G. scaevolina  F.Muell.


Subshrubs or herbs. Leaves basal or cauline, basal leaves sometimes absent in mature plants. Flowers in thyrses or racemes comprising at least 1/2 to 2/3 of the plant, with leafy bracts; bracteoles present. Sepals equal. Corolla bilabiate or becoming fan-like, blue usually with a yellow or whitish throat, usually with hairs on margins and in the throat, enations prominent; scarcely auriculate; pouch usually prominent. Ovary 2-locular with 20-60 ovules in two rows in each locule. Fruit a capsule, valves entire or bifid. Seeds> 1.5 mm wide, wing c. 0.1 mm wide and mucilaginous or obsolete.

Number of taxa and distribution.

A section of eight species from northern and central Australia extending southwards into the Eremaean bioregion of Western Australia.

Included species.

G. azurea  F.Muell., Goodenia azurea F.Muell. subsp. azurea  , G. azurea subsp. hesperia  L.W.Sage & Albr., G. eremophila  E.Pritz., G. hartiana  L.W.Sage, G. ramelii  F.Muell., G. scaevolina  F.Muell., G. splendida  A.E.Holland & T.P.Boyle, G. stobbsiana  F.Muell., G. suffrutescens  Carolin.