Clathrina rowi Voigt et al., 2017

Van, Rob W. M. & De, Nicole J., 2018, Calcareous sponges of the Western Indian Ocean and Red Sea, Zootaxa 4426 (1), pp. 1-160: 39-41

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Clathrina rowi Voigt et al., 2017


Clathrina rowi Voigt et al., 2017 

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Clathrina rowi Voigt et al., 2017: 14  , fig. 8.

Material examined. RMNHAbout RMNH Por. 10002, Saudi Arabia, Jeddah , near Thuwal, Tahlah, 22.25725°N 38.880917°E, scuba, coll. N.J. de Voogd, field nr. THU14/JED209, 13 November 2014GoogleMaps  ; ZMAAbout ZMA Por. 13446, Israel, Gulf of Aqaba , North Pinnacle, in cave, depth 9 m, scuba, coll. M. Wunsch, field nr. AQ52, 4 July 1998  .

Description. The RMNHAbout RMNH Por. 10002 specimen in situ ( Fig. 16a View Figure ) is an overall loose mass of intermediate-sized tubuli, provided with several water-collecting tubes ending in oscules. Cormus anastomosed in places to densely connected smaller tubes. Individual tubes 0.4–2 mm in diameter. Color pale beige to dirty white, semi-transparent. Preserved specimen massive due to compression of tubules during preservation and manipulation in transport, 4.5 x 3 cm in lateral expansion, about 1 cm thick, dirty white in color. The ZMAAbout ZMA Por. 13446 specimen ( Fig. 17a View Figure ) from Aqaba is small. It has a conical, transparent-white cormus with faint purple tinge, consisting of loosely, occasionally more tightly, anastomosed tubules, leading to a prominent single water-collecting tube ending in a wide oscule.

Aquiferous system. Asconoid.

Skeleton. ( Figs 16b View Figure , 17b View Figure ) Tubuli walls with one to two spicule layers, rather dense in preserved condition.

Spicules. ( Figs 16c View Figure , 17c View Figure ) Triactines only, neither specimen contained clearly identifiable trichoxeas as reported for some specimens in the type series.

Triactines with thin cylindroconical actines, endings mucronate to shortly pointed, occasionally slightly sagittal, size range limited, in RMNHAbout RMNH Por. 10002 it is 68– 124 –151 x 7.5– 9.3 –11 µm, in ZMAAbout ZMA Por. 13446 it is 48– 84 –102 x 5 – 7.4 –9 µm.

Distribution and ecology. Saudi Arabian Red Sea, Israelian Gulf of Aqaba, on reefs.

Remarks. The molecular sequence of the Jeddah specimen grouped with Voigt et al. ’s C. rowi  specimens (cf. Fig. 2A View Figure ); no sequence for the Aqaba specimen was obtained. For that reason we present separate morphological data for the two available specimens. The shape of the cormus of the Jeddah specimen with the longer wider tubuli combined with a fine network of thinner tubuli is the same as in Voigt et al. ’s type series. However, the shape (cylindroconical) and the size (up to 151 µm) of the triactines of the Jeddah specimen differ from the triactines of the type series, which has actines up to 103 µm long as described by Voigt et al. The Aqaba specimen has a comparable spicule size as the type series.

Sequence data for specimens assigned to C. rowi  by Voigt et al. 2017 were not strongly separated from sequences we found in specimens which we assigned to Clathrina luteoculcitella Wörheide & Hooper, 1999  (cf. Fig. 2A View Figure ). A larger clade with high bootstrap value unites our specimen and Voigt et al. ’s (2017) specimens of C. rowi  , with Indonesian and Australian specimens of C. luteoculcitella  as well as with Rodrigues specimens assigned below to C. luteoculcitella  . In a separate analysis, a trimmed alignment with length 395 sites of both species comprising Australian (downloaded from the Sponge Barcode Project), Indonesian, Red Sea and Oman specimens of C. luteoculcitella  , together 8 sequences, and 10 Red Sea sequences of C. rowi  (most donated by Oliver Voigt, but including one of ours, RMNHAbout RMNH 10002), showed nine non-conserved sites. Four of these sites showed a neat separation between C. luteoculcitella  and C. rowi  , the other 5 sites showed single specimen differences or a mixed set of differences.


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Clathrina rowi Voigt et al., 2017

Van, Rob W. M. & De, Nicole J. 2018


Clathrina rowi Voigt et al., 2017 : 14

Voigt et al., 2017 : 14