Clathrina Gray, 1867 sensu Klautau et al. 2013

Van, Rob W. M. & De, Nicole J., 2018, Calcareous sponges of the Western Indian Ocean and Red Sea, Zootaxa 4426 (1), pp. 1-160: 37

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Clathrina Gray, 1867 sensu Klautau et al. 2013


Genus Clathrina Gray, 1867 sensu Klautau et al. 2013 

Remarks. The species of the former large genus Clathrina  have been subdivided by Klautau et al. 2013 into distinct genera. The restricted genus Clathrina  unites the species with asconoid tubuli anastomosed into loosely organized or more tightly anastomosed cormi with spiculation consisting exclusively of small triactines. We obtained a considerable number of partial 28SrRNA sequences to assist us in classifying the collected members of this still very large genus. We combined our sequences with our Indonesian, Oliver Voigt’s (2017), Sponge Barcode Project and GenBank Clathrina  sequences in an analysis the results of which are given in the phylogenetic tree of Fig. 2A View Figure . See above for further comments on the results.