Clathrina tenuipilosa sensu Row 1909

Van, Rob W. M. & De, Nicole J., 2018, Calcareous sponges of the Western Indian Ocean and Red Sea, Zootaxa 4426 (1), pp. 1-160: 148

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Clathrina tenuipilosa sensu Row 1909


Clathrina tenuipilosa sensu Row 1909 

Although Row’s (1909: 185) description contains many words, there are no measurements of the spicules. He describes ‘oxeas of such unusual and constant form, being very long and extremely slender’, and mentions tetractines, from which we may conclude that it is possible the identification is correct. The species has originally been described by Dendy (1905) from Sri Lanka, and it has been transferred to Arturia  by Klautau et al. (2013). Burton (1952) reported this species from the Egyptian part of the Gulf of Aqaba (as Leucosolenia  ), giving their size (up to 3 cm), but failing to describe the skeleton and the spicules.