Leuconia nausicaae sensu Burton 1952

Van, Rob W. M. & De, Nicole J., 2018, Calcareous sponges of the Western Indian Ocean and Red Sea, Zootaxa 4426 (1), pp. 1-160: 148

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Leuconia nausicaae sensu Burton 1952


Leuconia nausicaae sensu Burton 1952 

The Mediterranean species Leucaltis nausicaae Schuffner, 1877  was reported from the Egyptian part of the Gulf of Aqaba by Burton (1952) as Leuconia  , but he failed to give a description. Schuffner’s species is considered a Leucandra  , so we assume that Burton’s record also concerns a Leucandra  . It likely does not possess giant diactines and has atrial tetractines, which makes it similar to Leucandra pilula  sp.nov., but this needs further corroboration.