Hypoponera boerorum,

Bolton, B. & Fisher, B. L., 2011, Taxonomy of Afrotropical and West Palaearctic ants of the ponerine genus Hypoponera Santschi (Hymenoptera: Formicidae)., Zootaxa 2843, pp. 1-118: 14

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Hypoponera boerorum


boerorum  HNS  group

Species with the following combination of characters in the worker caste.

1 Metanotal groove present across dorsum of mesosoma.

2 Petiole node not squamiform.

3 Eyes usually present, rarely absent.

4 Maximum width of first gastral tergite in dorsal view is about the same as the width of the second tergite at its midlength.

5 Cinctus of second gastral tergite with strong cross-ribs.

6 Anterior clypeal margin lacks a median indentation or notch. Five southern African species are included here ( boerorum  HNS  , ignavia  HNS  , spei  HNS  , sulcatinasis  HNS  , transvaalensis  HNS  ). The

group may be artificial as it basically represents species that are similar to the abeillei  HNS  group but which retain a strongly developed metanotal groove.