Agathodesmus gayundah , Mesibov, Robert, 2013

Mesibov, Robert, 2013, New species of Agathodesmus Silvestri, 1910 from Australia (Diplopoda, Polydesmida, Haplodesmidae), ZooKeys 325, pp. 33-64: 47-48

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Agathodesmus gayundah

sp. n.

Agathodesmus gayundah  sp. n. Figs 3C, 3D, 8A, 8B


Male, Gayundah Creek, Hinchinbrook Island, Qld, 18°21'59"S, 146°13'09"E ± 500 m, 10 m a.s.l., 11 November 1984, V. Davies, G. Thompson and J. Gallon, QM berlesate 664, rainforest sieved litter, QM S96029.


QM: 4 males, 2 females, details as for holotype, S96035; 1 male, 2 females, 3 stadium 7 males, 1 stadium 7 female, 3 stadium 6 males, 4 stadium 6 females, 1 stadium 5 male, 1 stadium 4 male, same details but 9 November 1984, QM berlesate 663, S96033; 1 male, same details but 10 November 1984, QM berlesate 666, S96031; 2 males, 1 female, same details but QM berlesate 668, S96034; 1 male, 1 female, same details but 8 November 1984, G. Monteith, V. Davies, G. Thompson and J. Gallon, QM berlesate 667, S96032; 1 male, same details but QM berlesate 665, S96030; 3 males, same locality, 7-14 November 1984, V. Davies and J. Gallon, S96038; 3 males, 3 females, 2 stadium 7 females, 1 stadium 6 male, same locality, 7-15 November 1984, G. Monteith, G. Thompson and D. Cook, S96039; 3 males, 4 females, 2 stadium 7 males, 4 stadium 7 females, 1 stadium 6 male, 1 stadium 6 female, same locality but 18°21'36"S, 146°13'33"E ± 500 m, 80 m a.s.l., 12 November 1984, G. Monteith, V. Davies, G. Thompson and J. Gallon, QM berlesate 669, S96036; 1 female, 2 stadium 7 females, same details but G. Monteith and G. Thompson, S96037.

Other material.


Diagnostic description.

Male and female with head + 20 rings. Colour in alcohol very pale yellow. Male/female ca 10.5/10.5 mm long; ring 12 maximum diameter ca 0.9/1.1 mm, maximum width ca 1.25/1.3 mm. Metatergal tubercles in 10-12 irregular transverse rows, mainly without setae; metatergal setae short with slightly flared tips; lateralmost row of tubercles enlarged, together with more medial 1-2 rows forming wide pseudo-paranotum with 5-6 marginal tubercles (Figs 3C, 3D). Male leg 6 coxa with small, rounded, mediodistal projection. Telopodite (Figs 8A, 8B) with pp slightly flattened mediolaterally, slightly curved posteriorly; at in oblique plane (facing posterolaterally), short, narrowly triangular, curving posteriorly; dp directed laterobasally at base; mab directed basally and a little anteriorly, widening distally and divided into 2 lobes; longer anterior mab lobe medially concave with interior folds; shorter posterior mab lobe concave medially with flat, spike-like, basally directed process at medial edge; meb curving behind mab, divided at about one-third length into 2 paral lel processes, the shorter posteromedial process needle-like, the longer, wider anterolateral process terminating in triangular tooth.


Known only from rainforest on Hinchinbrook Island, east of Cardwell in tropical north Queensland (Fig. 13A).


For the type locality, Gayundah Creek; noun in apposition.