Anchieta Navás, 1909

Ardila-Camacho, Adrian & García, Alexander, 2015, Mantidflies of Colombia (Neuroptera, Mantispidae), Zootaxa 3937 (3), pp. 401-455: 408

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Anchieta Navás, 1909


Anchieta Navás, 1909 

It is easily recognized by their bright color patterns, mimicking some members of the Hymenoptera  , especially Vespidae  and Meliponini  bees. This genus is composed of six valid species with a distribution apparently confined to the Amazon basin. Prior to this study, Anchieta  was only known from Brazil and French Guiana (Penny & da Costa 1983; Ohl 2004). Two species, A. eurydella  and A. remipes  , are now known from Colombia.

Knowledge on the biology of this genus is quite poor. A single study in southeastern Brazil, reported an association between A. fumosella Westwood  and the solitary wasp Tripoxilum (Tripargylum) aestivale Richards  ( Crabronidae  ) ( Buys 2008).