Eoeustochus kishenehn Huber

Huber, John T. & Greenwalt, Dale, 2011, Compression fossil Mymaridae (Hymenoptera) from Kishenehn oil shales, with description of two new genera and review of Tertiary amber genera, ZooKeys 130, pp. 473-494: 473

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scientific name

Eoeustochus kishenehn Huber

sp. n.

Eoeustochus kishenehn Huber  ZBK  sp. n. Figs 14

Type material.

Holotype female (NMNH), labelled " Eoeustochus kishenehn  Huber Holotype female #543757".

Paratype female (NMNH), labelled as for holotype but "paratype #543758".


Female. Colour brown, head dark brown, fore wing thinly margined with brown. Holotype (Fig. 1) measurements as follows. Body length 909. Antenna (Fig. 2) with total funicle length 317; scape 95, pedicel 70, fl1 52, fl2 63, fl3 63, fl4 51, fl5 47, fl6 45; clava 180, 0.56 × funicle length. Fl2 and fl3 the longest segments and fl6 the shortest (Fig. 2). Mesosoma length 481. Fore wing (Fig. 3) length 912, width 271, length/width 3.36, longest marginal setae 160, venation length 355. Hind wing width 26, longest marginal setae 88. Metasoma length 340. Ovipositor length 290, apparently slightly exserted beyond apex of gaster.

Paratype (Fig. 4) measurements as follows. Body length 966, head width 234, height 132.

Derivation of species name.

Named after the Kishenehn Formation shale in which the fossils were found.