Ctenanthidium Urban, 1993

Parizotto, Daniele R. & Urban, Danúncia, 2013, Contribution to the knowledge of the Anthidulum Michener and Ctenanthidium Urban (Hymenoptera, Apidae) with new species from Argentina and Peru, Zootaxa 3609 (3), pp. 311-318: 313

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Ctenanthidium Urban, 1993


Ctenanthidium Urban, 1993 

Ctenanthidium Urban 1993: 85  ; type species: Ctenanthidium gracile Urban, 1993  , by original designation.

Diagnosis. Ctenanthidium  can be defined by the juxtantennal carina strong and laminated; female with apex of labrum with hairs; margin of pronotal lobe with lamina interrupted on lateral edge; arolia well developed in both sexes; S 4 -S 5 of male with lateral projections; sixth sternum with a transverse integumentary fold. The genitalia is characterized by having a gonocoxite longer than wide and gonostylus curved on the apical half ( Fig. 26View FIGURES 22 – 26). Additionally, an important character indicated by its generic name, is the third sternum of the male with a comb of coarse black setae on the distal margin medially.