Ochrotrichia anticheirion Thomson and Armitage, 2018

Thomson, Robin E. & Armitage, Brian J., 2018, The Trichoptera of Panama. VI. Seven new species of microcaddisflies (Insecta: Trichoptera: Hydroptilidae) from Mount Totumas Cloud Forest and Biological Reserve, Insecta Mundi 613, pp. 1-15 : 5

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https://doi.org/ 10.5281/zenodo.3699315

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Ochrotrichia anticheirion Thomson and Armitage

sp. nov.

Ochrotrichia anticheirion Thomson and Armitage , sp. n.

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Diagnosis. Ochrotrichia anticheirion is very similar to O. arranca (Mosely) . The arrangement and orientation of the spine-bearing processes of the ventral lobe of the inferior appendage differs between the 2 species. The single, peglike seta found on the ventral surface of the ventral lobe of the inferior appendage in O. anticheirion is absent in O. arranca . Additionally, the mesoventral process present in O. arranca ( Mosely 1937) is absent in O. anticheirion .

Male. Forewing length 2.8–3.1 mm (n = 3). Head unmodified, with 3 ocelli; antennae unmodified. Tibial spur count 0, 3, 4. Color in alcohol brown, denuded. Genitalia. Abdominal sternum VII without mesoventral process. Segment VIII unmodified. Segment IX anterolateral margin concave, posterolateral margin fused dorsolaterally with tergum X. Inferior appendage setose, with dorsal and ventral lobes; dorsal lobe approximately 3 times longer than wide, parallel-sided, apex truncate; ventral lobe bearing 3 digitate processes ending in a stout spine and a single stout, peglike seta ventrally. Tergum X sclerotized, highly developed with 3 processes: 1st process slender, elongate, broadest medially, bearing 2 stout setae, apex pointed; 2nd process semi-membranous basally, lightly sclerotized apically, apex with slightly curved dorsal branch and strongly anteriorly recurved ventrolateral process; 3rd process membranous, very lightly sclerotized apicoventrally. Phallus tubular, elongate, simple, thread-like.

Type material. Holotype male— PANAMA: Chiriquí Province: Cuenca 102 (Río Chiriquí Viejo ), Quebrada Norte , Mount Totumas Biological Reserve , 8.873613°N, 82.690512°W, UV-light trap, 18.iii.2016, B. and T. Armitage ( COZEM) GoogleMaps . Paratypes —ibid., 1 male ( COZEM) GoogleMaps ; ibid., un. trib., Río Colorado , Mount Totumas Biological Reserve, 8.884717°N, 82.684077°W, Malaise trap, 15–18.iii.2016, J. Dietrich and B. Armitage, 1 male ( BJA) GoogleMaps .

Etymology. The diminutive of the Greek word anticheiros meaning “thumb”, referring to the small peglike spine on the ventral surface of the inferior appendage.

Genus Rhyacopsyche Mueller. The genus Rhyacopsyche was recently recorded for the first time from Panama ( Armitage and Harris 2018), with one previously described species known. Herein we add one new species from Mount Totumas, the first to be described from Panama.




University of Burundi

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