Scolopendrellopsis Bagnall, 1913

Jin, Ya-Li & Bu, Yun, 2018, First record of Scolopendrellopsis from China with the description of a new species (Myriapoda, Symphyla), ZooKeys 789, pp. 103-113: 104

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Scolopendrellopsis Bagnall, 1913

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Genus Scolopendrellopsis Bagnall, 1913  new record


Habitus slender. First pair of legs present, 3-segmented and with claws, not more than one-half length of the following pairs. Trunk with 16 or 17 tergites and most of tergites with a pair of posterior processes, without any striped band between each pair of processes on tergites, some tergites transversely divided.


The genus Scolopendrellopsis  includes fifteen species and is subcosmopolitan, widely distributed in Palaearctic, Nearctic, Neotropical, Ethiopian, Oriental, and Australian regions ( Szucsich and Scheller 2011). It is newly recorded from China in this paper.