Monocorophium acherusicum (Costa, 1853),

Tasso, Vicente, El Haddad, Mustapha, Assadi, Carolina, Canales, Remy, Aguirre, Luis & Velez-Zuazo, Ximena, 2018, Macrobenthic fauna from an upwelling coastal area of Peru (Warm Temperate South-eastern Pacific province - Humboldtian ecoregion), Biodiversity Data Journal 6, pp. 28937-28937: 28937

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Monocorophium acherusicum (Costa, 1853)


Monocorophium acherusicum (Costa, 1853) 

Corophium acherusicum  Costa, 1853


Types of substrate: hard bottom. Depth / bathymetric range: 0-10 m. Station code: D1(5); D2(5, 10); D3(0, 5, 10). Remarks: considered as non-native species in Chile ( Pérez-Schultheiss 2009). Its native area is not clear, probably Oriental Atlantic. Introduced probably by shipping as fouling.