Physophora hydrostatica Forskål, 1775

Otto M. P. Oliveira, Thaís P. Miranda, Enilma M. Araujo, Patricia Ayón, Cristina M. Cedeño-Posso, Amancay A. Cepeda-Mercado, Pab, 2016, Census of Cnidaria (Medusozoa) and Ctenophora from South American marine waters, Zootaxa 4194 (1), pp. 1-256: 175

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Physophora hydrostatica Forskål, 1775


Physophora hydrostatica Forskål, 1775 

Distribution in South America: Pacific Ocean, Colombia, from 6°N to 3°N (Alvariño 1976; Cely & Chiquillo 1993), Peru, from 7ºS to 10ºS ( IMARPE, database), Chile, at 36ºS off Concepción (R. Giesecke, pers. comm.), at 43ºS 74ºW off Boca del Guafo (Palma & Rosales 1997); Atlantic Ocean, Brazil to Argentina, from 0º to 55ºS (Alvariño 1981; Dias 1994; Pugh 1999; Migotto et al. 2002; Araujo 2006, 2012; Silveira & Morandini 2011; specimens collected in this study).

Habitat: neritic and oceanic species, with circumtropical distribution. In Peruvian waters, found in superficial layers (Alvariño 1971, 1981; Pugh & Gasca 2009; Araujo 2012; specimens collected in this study).


Instituto del Mar del Peru