Otto M. P. Oliveira, Thaís P. Miranda, Enilma M. Araujo, Patricia Ayón, Cristina M. Cedeño-Posso, Amancay A. Cepeda-Mercado, Pab, 2016, Census of Cnidaria (Medusozoa) and Ctenophora from South American marine waters, Zootaxa 4194 (1), pp. 1-256: 99

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Aglaophenia  sp.

Synonyms in the area:? Aglaophenia dubia  —Fraser 1938b; Calder et al. 2003 [polyp].

Remarks: Calder et al. (2003) examined Fraser’s (1938b) material and considered his record doubtful.

Distribution in South America: polyp—Pacific Ocean, Ecuador, from 0.39°S to 0.51°S in Galápagos Archipelago (Fraser 1938b; Calder et al. 2003); Atlantic Ocean, Brazil, from 2.50°S to 4.50°S, from 7.50°S to 8°S, from 18.25°S to 21.25°S, from 23.70°S to 24°S (Maÿal 1978; Shimabukuro 2007).

Habitat: polyp—from shallow waters to 146m depth, on sponges and Thyroscyphus marginatus  (Fraser 1938b; Maÿal 1978; Calder et al. 2003; Shimabukuro 2007).