Paracodilia geniculata

Wang, Xiu-Dan & Zhang, Ya-Lin, 2018, One new genus and three new species in the leafhopper tribe Coelidiini from the Neotropical Region (Hemiptera, Cicadellidae, Coelidiinae), ZooKeys 794, pp. 85-94: 87-88

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Paracodilia geniculata

sp. n.

Paracodilia geniculata  sp. n. Figures 1-9

Type material.

Holotype male, PERU: Pasco, 20 km N Villa Rica, 1600 m, 10°43'6"S 75°10'55"W, 21 October 2002, C. Dietrich (3371) [USML].


Pygofer with caudoventral processes short, covered with short spines, adjacent to base of caudodorsal processes; aedeagus somewhat tubular, bent at midlength in lateral aspect, apex asymmetrically bifurcate, gonopore apical on ventral surface between bifurcations, dorsal connective absent; style much longer than aedeagus, tapered to acute apex; subgenital plate with dense setae.


Measurements. Male. Body length 7.59 mm; crown length 0.65 mm; width between eyes 0.84 mm; eye width 0.68 mm; clypeus length 1.52 mm; clypellus length 0.83 mm; pronotum length 0.74 mm; mesonotum + scutellum length 1.00 mm. Female unknown. External morphology and male genitalia as described in generic diagnosis.


The species epithet is derived from the Latin word geniculus, referring to the aedeagus being geniculate or bent medially in lateral view.