Titanethes Schioedte, 1849

Karaman, Ivo M. & Horvatović, Mladen, 2018, Revision of the genera Cyphonethes Verhoeff, 1926 and Titanethes Schioedte, 1849 (Isopoda: Oniscoidea: Trichoniscidae) with a description of a new genus and three new taxa, Zootaxa 4459 (2), pp. 261-284: 274

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Titanethes Schioedte, 1849


Genus Titanethes Schioedte, 1849 

Type species. Titanethes albus (C. Koch, 1841) 

Species composition. Titanethes albus albus (C. Koch, 1841)  and Titanethes albus matovici  n. ssp.  described here. The species Titanethes dahli Verhoeff, 1926  here we treat as a junior synonym of Titanethes albus  although it has not yet formally been accepted. We treat the species T. dahli  as a " dahli  " form of the species T. albus  . The molecular study of Taiti et al. (2011), indicate T. albus  and T. dahli  as unique species with two forms, which could even appear syntopically. We hope to formally announce these findings in the near future. The " albus  " form has well-developed tergal glands and accompanying structures of males pleon tergite 4 ( Fig. 35 View Figure ) while in the " dahli  " form ( Figs 36–37 View Figure ) they are missing. Results of Taiti et al. (2011) leave open the possibility that T. albus  (including T. dahli  ) could be a taxon complex, where the possession and structure of pleonite tergal glands are not relevant for their distinction.

Diagnosis. Large troglobite, colourless and blind animals. Distolateral part of maxilliped with rounded tip; terminal peniciles of maxilla 1 endopodite longer than endopodite diameter; exopodite of maxilla 1 with short teeth, terminal three teeth shorter than exopodite diameter; maxilla 2 carries short rod-like setae; male pleopod 1endopodite basal article longer than terminal one; male pleopod 1 exopodite protruded mediodistally; male pleopod 2 endopodite terminal article robust with sharp tip; basal article shorter than exopodite; exopodite trapezoidal.