Karaman, Ivo M. & Horvatović, Mladen, 2018, Revision of the genera Cyphonethes Verhoeff, 1926 and Titanethes Schioedte, 1849 (Isopoda: Oniscoidea: Trichoniscidae) with a description of a new genus and three new taxa, Zootaxa 4459 (2), pp. 261-284: 268-269

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Genus Cetinjella  n. g.

Type species: Cetinjella monasterii  n. g., n. sp.

Diagnosis. Small troglobite trichoniscid with stout body. Maxilla 1 endopodite with very short and thin penicils. Maxilla 2 narrow and elongated with sparse elongated rod-like setae. Maxilliped stout with elongated terminal palp and endite; terminal palp almost half of the maxilliped length. A conspicuous characteristic of the genus are scale rows which cover cephalon and pereionites in a specific arrangement. Pleopod 1 endopodite biarticulated, distal one rod-like. Pleopod 2 endopodite biarticulated, distal one filiform.

Etymology. Named after the town of Cetinje in whose historical core the type locality, Cetinjska pećina cave, is located.