Cyphomyrmex auritus Mayr

Kempf, W. W., 1968, A new species of Cyphomyrmex from Colombia, with further remarks on the genus (Hymenoptera, Formicidae)., Revista Brasileira de Biologia 28, pp. 35-41: 38

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Cyphomyrmex auritus Mayr


1. Cyphomyrmex auritus Mayr  HNS  -

Brazil, Espirito Santo State. Santa Teresa, 24-11-1967, 400 m, W. L. Brown, Jr. leg. (MCZ) (extension of range of the species, hitherto known only from Sao Paulo and Santa Catarina States); Sao Paulo State: Caraguatatuba, 2-IV-1963, K. Lenko leg. (DZSP n. 2141), Ubatuba, 13-VII-1967, P. C. Montouchet leg. 1 alate female (DZSP).