Bajauana Distant, 1907,

Löcker, Birgit, Fletcher, Murray J. & Gurr, Geoff M., 2010, Taxonomic revision of the Australian Eucarpiini (Hemiptera: Fulgoromorpha: Cixiidae) with the description of nine new species, Zootaxa 2425, pp. 1-31: 4

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Bajauana Distant, 1907


Genus Bajauana Distant, 1907 

Bajauana Distant 1907 a: 277  .

Type species: Brixia rufula Walker, 1870  , by original designation. Australoma Kirkaldy, 1907: 114  , synonymised by Fennah, 1980: 239. Type species: Australoma austrina Kirkaldy, 1907  , by monotypy.

Morphology. Body length: 3 4.2–5.1 mm; Ƥ 4.3–5.5 mm.

Head: Head including eyes slightly narrower or about as wide as pronotum. Vertex much broader than wide in midline; anterior margin straight or weakly angulated; lateral margins strongly elevated; subapical carina absent. Frons invisible in dorsal view; broadening over very short distance, therefore lateral carinae distinctly concave; lateral carinae strongly elevated; position of maximum width of frons distinctly dorsad of centre of frontoclypeal suture; median carina incomplete or complete. Frontoclypeal suture distinctly semicircular, bent upwards, median part not reaching lower margin of antennal scape. Lateral carinae of anteclypeus well developed. Rostrum distinctly surpassing hind coxae, attaining level of middle of hind femora; subapical segment 1.2–1.9 times longer than apical segment.

Thorax: Mesonotum with lateral carinae straight or slightly curved, not sinuate. Forewings steeply tectiform; Sc+R fused, forming common stem Sc+R, M emerging separately from basal cell; Sc+R and M emerging from basal cell distinctly separately from CuA; Sc+R forking basad of fork CuA 1 +CuA 2; crossvein MP-CuA (=M 3 + 4 -Cu 1 a) much shorter than MP (M 3 + 4) from M fork to crossvein and much shorter than crossvein R-M; RP apically bifid; MA apically trifid; 10 apical cells. Hindwing with R unforked. Hind leg: tibia with 6 apical teeth (innermost tooth smallest and least sclerotised); 1 st tarsomere with 6 apical teeth.

Female genitalia: Ovipositor elongate, orthopteroid, slightly curved upwards, reaching but not surpassing anal style; 8 th sternite medially very long, slightly bent dorsad, posterior margin u-shaped; anal segment square (as long as wide) or slightly trapezoid (narrower at apex) in dorsal view; anal style longer than wide; 9 th tergite without wax plates.

Remarks. Bajauana  comprises more than 50 species from New Guinea, Indonesia and Australia. Bajauana praetextata ( Jacobi, 1928)  was listed under Eucarpiini in Fletcher (2009). Based on characters such as the carination of the head, the venation of the forewing and the chaetotaxy of the 2 nd hind tarsomere, this species is here transferred to the genus Leptolamia Metcalf, 1936  (Tribe Cixiini  ) as Leptolamia praetexttaa ( Jacobi, 1928)  comb. nov.












Bajauana Distant, 1907

Löcker, Birgit, Fletcher, Murray J. & Gurr, Geoff M. 2010


Distant 1907: 277