Odontomachus malignus

Sorger, D. M. & Zettel, H., 2011, On the ants (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) of the Philippine Islands: V. The genus Odontomachus Latreille, 1804., Myrmecological News 14, pp. 141-163: 155

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Odontomachus malignus


Odontomachus malignus  HNS  species group

Diagnosis: Palp formula 4, 4. Head short, posteriorly with pair of tubercles. Mandibles long with long and sharp api- cal and subapical teeth. Antennae relatively short. Meso- soma not depressed. Pronotum with delicate sculpture. Pet- iole comparatively small and low.

Diversity and distribution: This group contains only one species, O. malignus from the western Pacific area.

Notes: Brown (1976) included O. malignus in the O. infandus species group, mainly because of its mandibular structures. However, the short head, short scape, and com- paratively high and stout mesosoma differ considerably from both the O. infandus and the O. rixosus species group. The combination of morphological characters and the un- ique biology justify the erection of a separate species group.