Sminthurinae Lubbock, 1862

Zeppelini, Douglas, Brito, Roniere A., Zampaulo, Robson & Lima, Estevam C. A., 2020, A new highly dimorphic genus of Sminthuridae (Collembola: Symphypleona) from Brazil, Zootaxa 4729 (1), pp. 25-46: 26

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Sminthurinae Lubbock, 1862


Subfamily Sminthurinae Lubbock, 1862 

Diagnosis for the subfamily Sminthurinae  sensu stricto

Sminthurids with antennae always long, often longer than body, Ant. IV showing many clear subdivisions (usually 9 or more), more than six chaetae in the apical whorl on tibiotarsus of all legs, unguis without cavity, with or without tunica, tunica never spinelike, chaetae on anterior dens usually more than nine, mucro apex usually symmetric; Neosminthuroid chaetae absent or, when a pair is present, the mucro apex is asymmetric and the species show strong sexual dimorphism.