Cupressus goveniana Gordon

DeFilipps, Robert A. & Krupnick, Gary A., 2018, The medicinal plants of Myanmar, PhytoKeys 102, pp. 1-341: 2

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Cupressus goveniana Gordon


Cupressus goveniana Gordon 


English: California cypress.


California, in North America. Cultivated in Myanmar.

Conservation status.

Endangered [EN B2ab(ii,iii,v)] ( IUCN 2017).


Plant used for medicinal purposes (exact uses not given in Nordal 1963).


A member of this genus, Cypressus funebris  , is used in China to dispel colds; the leaves are antiperiodic and provide a remedy for bleeding piles, hematuria, and menorrhea. In Indo-China another member of the genus, Cypressus hodginsii  , is known to have vaso-constrictory and astringent properties ( Perry 1980).

The monocyclic sesquiterpene fokienol is a reported chemical constituent of Cypressus hodginsii  Dunn (= Fokienia hodginsii  (Dunn) Henry & Thomas) ( Perry 1980).


Nordal (1963).