Kyklioacalles atlasicus

Stüben, Peter E. & Astrin, Jonas J., 2010, Molecular phylogeny of the weevil genus Kyklioacalles Stüben, with descriptions of a new subgenus Glaberacalles and two new species (Curculionidae: Cryptorhynchinae), Zootaxa 2662, pp. 28-52: 44

publication ID 10.5281/zenodo.276270

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Kyklioacalles atlasicus


Kyklioacalles atlasicus 

1. The integument of the elytra and pronotum without contrast, predominantly dark brown ( Fig. 21View FIGURES 20 – 21);

2. Punctures of the pronotum larger ( Fig. 21View FIGURES 20 – 21); disc with approximately 80 punctures;

3. Intervals of the elytra more slender and more accuminately raised;

4. Aedeagus: Median lobe (in ventral view) narrowing more rectilinearly laterally in front of the apex ( Fig. 28View FIGURES 25 – 29);

5. Endophallus basal with a larger and completely developed cyclical structure ( Fig. 28View FIGURES 25 – 29).