Plesiocoelus anomalus, Bortoni, Marco Aurelio & Penteado-Dias, Angelica Maria, 2015

Bortoni, Marco Aurelio & Penteado-Dias, Angelica Maria, 2015, New species of Plesiocoelus van Achterberg and Mesocoelus Schulz (Hymenoptera, Braconidae) from Brazil, Journal of Hymenoptera Research 46, pp. 61-70: 63

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Journal of Hymenoptera Research by Pensoft

scientific name

Plesiocoelus anomalus

sp. n.

Taxon classification Animalia Hymenoptera Braconidae

Plesiocoelus anomalus  sp. n. Figs 5-12

Material examined.

Holotype - male. ( DCBU 51445) “São Luiz do Paraitinga, SP, Brasil, Pq. Estadual da Serra do Mar, Núcleo Santa Virgínia, 22.XI.2010, Armadilha Malaise, S23°19'27.1", W45°5'38.4", N.W. Periotto e eq. col."

Description of holotype.

Body length: 4.0 mm. Fore wing length: 3.9 mm.

Head. Antenna with 33 segments, whitish setose, length of third segment equal to fourth; length of third, fourth and penultimate segments 3.6, 3.6 and 1.25 times their width, respectively. Maxillary palp with 5 segments and 0.6 times height of head. Length of eye in dorsal view 2.2 times temple. OOL: diameter of ocellus: POL = 15:10:15. Head completely smooth with long whitish setae on lateral parts of face, length of malar space 1.5 times basal width of mandible.

Mesosoma. Length of mesosoma 1.8 times its height. Propleuron sparsely punctate. Pronotum smooth but anteriorly punctate. Mesopleuron smooth, with precoxal sulcus faintly impressed and smooth. Mesonotum smooth, with notauli weakly impressed, crenulate anteriorly and smooth posteriorly. Scutellum smooth. Propodeum areolate.

Fore wing. Mostly infumate and hyaline near apex, length of pterostigma: R1 = 30:40, 1-CU1:2-CU1 = 3:20.

Hind wing. Mostly infumate and hyaline near apex, vein CUb present and tubular, vein 1M widened and with small cell (Fig. 11).

Legs. All legs smooth, length of femur, tibia and basitarsus of hind leg 5.0, 10.7, 8 times their width, respectively. Apex of hind tibia with 15 pegs. Length of hind spur 0.25 times hind basitarsus.

Metasoma. T1 striate, T2 with weakly granulate sculpture, remaining tergites smooth. T1 2.1 times longer than its apical width.

Colour. Head black, except ocelli dark yellow; clypeus, mandible, maxillary and labial palpi and glossa yellow. Mesosoma brown, but propleuron, basal half of pronotum, metanotum, propodeum and ventral margin of metapleuron black. Legs yellow except for brownish to black fore and mid telotarsi; lateral area of hind coxa, hind trochanter, hind trochantellus, base of femur, apex of tibia, hind basitarsus and hind tarsus brownish. Metasoma brown to black, but ventrally yellowish.


This species differs from all other species of Plesiocoelus  by the mostly brown mesosoma, completely yellowish legs and striate T1.


This species is named after the unique shape of vein 1M of the hind wing (Fig. 11).




Only known from the type locality in Brazil.