Guyanochactas flavus Lourenco & Ythier, 2011

Ythier, Eric, 2018, A synopsis of the scorpion fauna of French Guiana, with description of four new species, ZooKeys 764, pp. 27-90: 50

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Guyanochactas flavus Lourenco & Ythier, 2011


Guyanochactas flavus Lourenco & Ythier, 2011  Fig. 25


Lourenço and Ythier 2011.


Roura-Cacao, Montagne Tortue, at the end of forested road of Bélizon, PK-27, under litter and/or log in trail, one male (holotype) and one female (paratype), deposited in the MNHN, J.P. Mauries & J.M. Betsch coll. 1/II/1992. Montsinéry-Tonnegrande, Anamites, one female (paratype), deposited in the MNHN, E. Ythier coll., XI/2010.


Total length 38.2 mm for male holotype and 35 mm for female paratypes. General coloration reddish yellow to pale yellow. Carapace yellowish with some reddish yellow zones. Tergites yellowish, slightly paler than carapace, with one longitudinal reddish yellow strip. Venter and sternites yellowish; pectines and genital operculum paler than sternites. Metasomal segments yellowish, with reddish yellow zones over carinae. Vesicle yellowish; aculeus reddish yellow at the base and reddish at the tip. Chelicerae yellowish, without spots; fingers reddish yellow with reddish teeth. Pedipalps yellow to reddish yellow with dark reddish zones over carinae. Legs yellow. Carapace slightly emarginated, with minute granulations and punctations; furrows shallow. Tergites acarinate, with only minute granulations and punctations. Pectinal tooth 9-9 in male and from 8-8 to 10-10 in female. Sternites smooth and punctate; VII acarinate; sternite III on female with a strong setation; spiracles oval in shape. Metasomal segments I to III wider than long; metasomal tegument with moderately marked granulations and a few punctations; segment V with spinoid granulations ventrally; carinae on segments I-V moderately to strongly marked; ventral carina vestigial on segment I, weakly marked on II, moderately marked on III and strongly marked on IV. Pedipalp femur with dorsal internal, dorsal external and ventral internal carinae moderately to strongly marked; ventral internal carina with spinoid granules; ventral external carina weakly marked; all aspects with minute granulations; patella with minute granulations and punctations; dorsal internal, ventral internal, ventral external and external carinae moderately marked; other carinae vestigial; chela with weakly to moderately marked granulations; ventral and dorsal median carina moderately marked; other carinae weakly marked; internal aspect with spinoid granules; dentate margins on movable and fixed fingers with five rows of granules.