Pseudoblossia schultzei Kraepelin 1908b

Harms, Danilo & Dupérré, Nadine, 2018, An annotated type catalogue of the camel spiders (Arachnida: Solifugae) held in the Zoological Museum Hamburg, Zootaxa 4375 (1), pp. 1-58: 49-50

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Pseudoblossia schultzei Kraepelin 1908b


Pseudoblossia schultzei Kraepelin 1908b 

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Kraepelin 1908b: 281–282, figs 9a–b, 10 (as Pseudoblossia schultzei  n. sp.)

Type locality and specimens. ...umfasst von jedem der beiden Geschlechter über ein Dutzend Exemplare. Sie wurden sämtlich bei Kamaggas im Klein-Namalande erbeutet.

Dimensions. Truncuslänge des grössten ♂ 17 mm, des grössten ♀ 22 mm. [♂ lectotype 16.04; 20.17; ♀ paralectotype 19.70; 24.44]

Oldest label vial 1. Pseudoblosssia schultzei Krpln  , ♂, Co-Typen, L. Schultze l. 0 4, c. IV.08. Kamaggas, Kl. Namaland (Kraepelin handwriting).

Additional label vial 1. Lipophaga schultzei (Krpl)  . 6♂ —Cotypus—Kl Namaland , Kammaggas. Roewer revid. 1932— No. 8506; 

Oldest label vial 1. Pseudoblosssia schultzei Kr  , ♀, Co-Typen, L. Schultze l. 0 4, c. IV.08. Kamaggas, Kl. Namaland (Kraepelin handwriting). 

Additional label vial 2. Lipophaga schultzei (Krpl)  . 6♀ —Cotypus—Kl. Namaland. Roewer revid. 1932— No. 8507. 

Type material. Lectotype ♂ here desigated (ZMH-A0000169); 5♂ paralectotypes, 3♀, 3 juvenile paralectotypes here desigated (ZMH-A0000168).

Taxonomic Remarks. Kraepelin examined more than a dozen males and females and we were able to find at the SMFAbout SMF (1♂, 1♀ chelicerae on microscope preparation (catalog no.6871), 1♂ chelicerae, palpus, and legs 1–4 on microscope preparation (catalog no. 6875) and 5♂ (catalog no. 9903073) in alcohol); all with the right locality data. According to Moritz & Fischer (1980) there are also 10♂ and 10♀ syntypes at the ZMBAbout ZMB (catalog no. 15629; 15630; 15631; 15632) that have the right locality data.

Current systematic position. Gylippidae  , Lipophaga schultzei ( Kraepelin 1908b)  .


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