Paragaleodes erlangeri Kraepelin 1903

Harms, Danilo & Dupérré, Nadine, 2018, An annotated type catalogue of the camel spiders (Arachnida: Solifugae) held in the Zoological Museum Hamburg, Zootaxa 4375 (1), pp. 1-58: 36-37

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Paragaleodes erlangeri Kraepelin 1903


Paragaleodes erlangeri Kraepelin 1903 

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Kraepelin 1903: 572–573 (as Paragaleodes erlangeri  n. sp.)

Type locality and specimens. Fundort: Akaki, Ende Oct. 1901 (1 ♂; v. Erl.). Dimensions. Truncuslänge 19 mm. [19.69; 26.02]

Oldest label. Paragaleodes erlangeri Krpln  , ♂ Typus, v. Erlanger d. X.1902, Akaki X.1900, Somaliland (Kraepelin handwriting).

Additional label. Akaki, Ende Octob. 1900. Coll. C. v. Erlanger.

Type material. ♂ Holotype (ZMH-A0000225).

Colleciton remarks. The type locality is the Akaki River area of Ethiopia. See Bitonota kraepelini  for additional collection details. 

Current systematic position. Galeodidae  , Paragaleodes erlangeri Kraepelin 1903  .