Solpugyla vassei Roewer 1933

Harms, Danilo & Dupérré, Nadine, 2018, An annotated type catalogue of the camel spiders (Arachnida: Solifugae) held in the Zoological Museum Hamburg, Zootaxa 4375 (1), pp. 1-58: 47

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Solpugyla vassei Roewer 1933


Solpugyla vassei Roewer 1933 

Roewer 1933: 439–440 (as Solpugyla vassei  nov. spec.)

Type locality and specimens. nur ♀— Mozambique (Valle du Poungoue, Mecutine), Ost-Afrika (Konde, Unjika)—(vidi 8 ♀, Typus)  .

Dimensions. Körperlänge 45–60 mm.

Oldest label. Portug. Ost-Afrika. Landschaft Mecutine ca. 70 km west d Küste von Mozambique  . Unter Steinen auf alter Baumwollpflzg. 8.–15.10–26. Eingang No: 7,1927 (Unknown handwriting). 

Additional label 1. Solpugyla vassei Rwr  , 1♀, Roewer rv. 1932. No. 9217 ( Roewer handwriting). 

Additional label 2. Solpugyla vassei  nov. spec. Cotyp!, 1 [illeg.] Nr. 9217. F.C. Roewer det. 1933, Portug. O.—Africa, Mecutine (Unknown handwriting).

Type material. Syntype ♀ juvenile (ZMH-A0000188).

Taxonomic remarks. Roewer saw eight females from Mecutine, Konde and Unjika (1933: 438). There is a declared ♀ syntype at the SMFAbout SMF (catalog no. 9904706) from Vallée du Poungoue Mozambique, and 2♀ syntypes (catalog no. 8016, 15732) at the ZMBAbout ZMB, one from Uhehe, and one from Konde, Unjika ( Moritz & Fischer, 1980). The ZMHAbout ZMH specimen comes from the village of Mecutine and is part of the type series, but the specimens from either SMFAbout SMF or ZMBAbout ZMB need to be examined in order to designate a lectotype.

Current systematic position. Solpugidae  , Solpugyla vassei Roewer 1933  .


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