Blossia clunigera Kraepelin 1908b

Harms, Danilo & Dupérré, Nadine, 2018, An annotated type catalogue of the camel spiders (Arachnida: Solifugae) held in the Zoological Museum Hamburg, Zootaxa 4375 (1), pp. 1-58: 17

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Blossia clunigera Kraepelin 1908b


Blossia clunigera Kraepelin 1908b 

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Kraepelin 1908b: 275–276, fig. 7 (as Blossia clunigera  n. sp.)

Type locality and specimens. Liegt mir in mehreren männlichen und weiblichen Exemplaren von verschiedenen Fundstellen des Klein-Namalandes (Steinkopf, Kamaggas) vor.

Dimensions. Männchen. Die Truncuslänge beträgt bis 9 mm. Weibchen. Truncuslänge bis 9 mm. Truncuslänge bis 13,5 mm. [♂ 8.34; 10.16; ♀ 7.56; 9.14]

Oldest label vial 1. Blosssia clunigera Krpln  , ♂ Co-Typus, L. Schultze l. 0 4, c. IV.08, Steinkopf, Kl. Namaland.

Additional label vial 1. Blossiola clunigera Krpln  , 3♂ Typus, Kl. Namaland. Revid. 1931. Roewer No. 8271. ( Roewer handwriting). 

Oldest label vial 2. Blosssia clunigera Kr  , ♀ Co-Typus, L. Schultze l. 0 4, c. IV.08, Kamaggas, Kl. Namaland (Kraepelin handwriting). 

Additional label vial 2. Blossiola clunigera Krpln  , 1♂ 1♀, Kl. Namaland. Revid. 1931. Roewer No. 8272. 

Type material. Lectotype ♂, paralectotypes 2♂ here designated (ZMH-A0000176); 1♂, 1♀ paralectotypes here designated (ZMH-A0000175). Note that the lectotype and the paralectotypes are missing leg parts.

Taxonomic remarks. Kraepelin commented that he had several males and females from various localities (Steinkopf, Kamaggas). The ZMHAbout ZMH collecion comprises four specimens from the type series. The label by Roewer 1931 mentions three males but only two were found in the vial and the third male may have been removed and/or dissected by him. There are two syntypes at the SMFAbout SMF (catalog no. 6852,6853) and these are body parts on microscope slides that were probably taken from the specimens in Hamburg. Based on the catalogue for the solifuges at the Berlin Museum (Mortiz & Fischer 1980), there are 3♂, 7♀ syntypes (catalog no. 15537-15541) in Berlin that are from the same locality. These specimens should be considered as paralectotypes.

Collection remarks. Klein-Namaland refers to the settlement of the Nama people South of the Oranje River. Steinkopf is a small town on the N 7 in northwestern South Africa in the Northern Cape of South Africa whilst Kamaggas is a farm roughly 61 km southeast of Steinkopf. Harvey fixes Steinkopf as the type locality and we follow his interpretation, given that the male was used primarily for the description. All specimens were collected by Leonhard Schultze who conducted a major expediton in Namibia between 1903–1905. The specimens were determined in 1908 by Kraepelin (1908b) when Schultze shifted from Jena to the University of Marburg.

Current systematic position. Daesiidae  , Blossia clunigera Kraepelin 1908b  .


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