Eremoseta titschacki Roewer 1934

Harms, Danilo & Dupérré, Nadine, 2018, An annotated type catalogue of the camel spiders (Arachnida: Solifugae) held in the Zoological Museum Hamburg, Zootaxa 4375 (1), pp. 1-58: 31-32

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Eremoseta titschacki Roewer 1934


Eremoseta titschacki Roewer 1934 

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Roewer 1934: 569, fig. 322g (as Eremoseta titschacki  nov. spec.)

Type locality and specimens. nur ♂ — Californien (genauer Fundort ?—(vidi 1 ♂, Typus). Dimensions. Körperlänge 15 mm. [13.99; 16.50]. 

Oldest label. Datames affinis Krpln, Banks  c  . I.1900, Californien ( Kraepelin handwriting). 

Additional label. Eremoseta titschacki  , 1 ♂ nov. gen. n. sp. Typus, Californien. Roewer rv. 1931  - No. 8485 (Roewer handwriting). 

Type material. Holotype ♂ (ZMH-A0000204). Right chelicerae missing.

Taxonomic remarks. Roewer mentions that he examined only one male. There are additional body parts (legs 1–2–4) on a microscope slide at the SMFAbout SMF (catalog no. 6837). They are declared as holotype but clearly not from the ZMHAbout ZMH specimen that is not missing any legs. Muma (1970: 21) stated that the “male type from California, Roewer No. 8485 in ZSMAbout ZSM ”.

Collection remarks. The label mentions Banks and it possible that the specimens were send to Kraepelin by Nathan Banks who was then working on arachnids in the U.S. A.

Current systematic position. Eremobatidae  , Eremobates titschacki ( Roewer 1934)  .


Forschungsinstitut und Natur-Museum Senckenberg


Zoologisches Museum Hamburg


Bavarian State Collection of Zoology