Odontosyllis guillermoi Fukuda & Nogueira, 2006

Linero-Arana, Ildefonso & Diaz Diaz, Oscarn, 2011, Syllidae (Annelida, Polychaeta) from the Caribbean coast of Venezuela, ZooKeys 117, pp. 1-28: 1

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Odontosyllis guillermoi Fukuda & Nogueira, 2006


Odontosyllis guillermoi Fukuda & Nogueira, 2006  Figs 1.5-1.10

Odontosyllis guillermoi  Fukuda and Nogueira 2006:225-229, figs. 1-2.

Material examined.

IMLR102, (18), as epibionts on Crassostrea rhizophorae  , 0-0.5 m depth.


Length to 15.3 mm, width to 1.2 mm. Body with up to 76 chaetigers, with two black transverse stripes per segment. Nuchal organs at center of prostomium. Occipital flap rounded with diffuse black spot. Dorsal cirri of chaetiger 1 longer than remainder cirri. Dorsal cirri in median region alternately long and short. Bidentate falcigers serrated, with distal tooth hooked and slightly longer than subdistal one on anterior chaetigers (Fig. 1.5), much longer from midbody (Fig. 1.6). Dorsal simple chaeta, only present on posterior chaetigers, with rounded tip and short subdistal spines. Ventral shorter simple chaeta may be present. Anterior parapodia with four aciculae subdistally inflated (Figs. 1.7-1.9), and slender, pointed acicula (fig. 1.10). Parapodia from middbody region with 2-3 aciculae, on posterior chaetigers a single acicula subdistally inflated. Pharynx extending through 9-10 chaetigers, trepan with 6 ventral teeth and 2 lateral plates. Proventriculus extending through 5-10 chaetigers, with numerous rows of muscle cells. Pygidium with a pair of anal cirri.


Sao Paulo (Brazil), Margarita Island (Venezuela).