Agromyza pudica Spencer, 1986

Lonsdale, Owen, 2021, Manual of North American Agromyzidae (Diptera, Schizophora), with revision of the fauna of the " Delmarva " states, ZooKeys 1051, pp. 1-481 : 1

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Agromyza pudica Spencer


Agromyza pudica Spencer

Figs 216-220 View Figures 216–220

Agromyza pudica Spencer in Spencer and Steyskal 1986b: 267; Eiseman and Lonsdale 2018: 12, 2019: 3.


Wing length 2.4-2.6 mm (♂), 2.0-2.6 mm (♀). Length of ultimate section of vein M4 divided by penultimate section: 0.7-0.9. Eye height divided by gena height: 4.8-4.9. First flagellomere small and ovate with small tuft of apical hairs in male. Ocellar triangle small and rounded (smaller in holotype). Scutum shiny.

Chaetotaxy: Two ori (sometimes three on one side); two ors. Three dorsocentral setae with anterior seta reduced. Mid tibia with two posteromedial setae.

Colouration: Body dark brown with orange tint; first flagellomere dark brown with faint orange tint towards base sometimes evident; lunule paler; parafacial sometimes with orange tint; halter white; tarsi and base of fore tibia yellow. Wing veins light brown. Calypter white with hairs usually brown (white in some females).

Genitalia: (Figs 216-220 View Figures 216–220 ) Genitalia largely as described for A. parvicornis , except as follows: basiphallus long and well-sclerotised, halves overlapping at base, weakened point present past midpoint and apex split with dark ventral branch; distiphallus narrow, with broad medial constriction and with elongate ventral sulcus below distomedial ridge; ejaculatory apodeme small with blade pale.


Poaceae - Dichanthelium spp. ( Eiseman and Lonsdale 2018, 2019).


Canada: ON*. USA: AR, CT*, DC*, GA, MA, MD*, MN, NC, OH, OK, NY*, SC*, VA*.

Type material.

Holotype: USA. AR: Garland Co., Hot Springs, 15.v.1979 (1♂, USNM).

Paratypes examined.

USA. GA: Rabun Co., Rabun Bald, 1280 m, 16.vii.1957, J.G. Chillcott, CNC352972 (1♀, CNC), Rabun Bald, 914 m, 14.vii.1957, J.G. Chillcott, CNC352971 (1♂, CNC), NC: Pisgah Forest, Looking Glass Pk., 19.vii.1957, "K.A. Spencer, col.", W.R. Richards, CNC352970 (1♂, CNC).

Additional material examined.

Canada. ON: Algonquin Pk., 45°50'0"N, 77°38'0"W, 19.vii.1991, J.R. Vockeroth, CNC353094 (1♂, CNC), Metcalfe, 2mi N, 15.v.1982, B.E. Cooper, CNC353095 (1♂, CNC),, CNC353097 (1♂, CNC), 25.v.1982, CNC353096 (1♂, CNC), Ottawa, damp second-growth forest in Acer - Betula wood,, J.R. Vockeroth, CNC353098 (1♂, CNC) GoogleMaps . USA. CT: Waterton,, A.L. Melander (1♀, USNM), Putnam Park, A.L. Melander, 18.vii.1939 (1♂, USNM), 20.vii.1939 (1♂, USNM), 24.vii.1939 (1♀, USNM), Redding, A.L. Melander, (1♂, USNM), (1♀, USNM), (1♀, USNM), (1♂ 2♀, USNM), (1♀, USNM), 27.vii.1938 (1♀, USNM), DC:, J.M. Aldrich (2♂, USNM), Chain Bridge, 8.v.1928, J.M. Aldrich (1♂, USNM), Washington, 17.viii.1913, A.L. Melander (2♂, USNM), MA: Concord,, W.W. Wirth (1♂, USNM), Franklin Co., Northfield , 276 Old Wendell Rd. , 4.vii.2016, C.S. Eiseman, Dichanthelium acuminatum ssp. fasciculatum , em. 21.vii.2016, #CSE2787, CNC654200-654202 (1♂ 2♀, CNC), MD: Bethseda , 30.v.1980, G.C. Steyskal (1♀, USNM), Plummers Isl. ,, R.C. Shannon (1♂, USNM), Montgomery Co. , 4mi S of Ashton, 24.vii.1982, G.F. and J.F. Hevel (2♀, USNM), NC: Scotland Co. , Laurinburg , St. Andrews University , 18.v.2016, T.S. Feldman, Dichanthelium em., #CSE2572, CNC634813-634815 (3♂, CNC), Durham Co. , Durham , 17-acre Wood Preserve , 15.v.2016, T.S. Feldman, Dichanthelium clandestinum , em., #CSE2542, CNC654303-654306 (4♂, CNC), Scotland Co. , Laurinburg , St. Andrews University , 11.v.2016, T.S. Feldman, Dichanthelium scoparium , em., #CSE2540, CNC653948, CNC653949 (1♂ 1♀, CNC), NY: Lk. George, 26.vii.1929, A.L. Melander (1♀, USNM), Yonkers ,, A.L. Melander (1♀, USNM), (1♀, USNM), Peekskill ,, A.L. Melander (1♂, USNM), Bear Mt. , 31.v.1941, A.L. Melander (1♂, USNM), OH: Hocking Co. , South Bloomingville , Deep Woods Farm , 5.viii.2016, C.S. Eiseman, Dichanthelium clandestinum , em. 20-22.viii.2016, #CSE2925, CNC654480-654482 (1♂ 2♀, CNC), SC: Beaufort Co. , Fripp Island , 26.ix.1973, G.C. Steyskal (1♂, USNM), Highland Fall , 6.vii.1941, A.L. Melander (1♀, USNM), Cobleskill , 11.viii.1970, L. Knutson (1♀, USNM), VA: Glencarlyn , 23.v.1925, J.R. Malloch (1♂, USNM), Falls Church , Holmes Run , 24.viii.1960, light trap, W.W. Wirth (1♀, USNM), Rosslyn ,, R.C. Shannon (1♀, USNM), Fairfax Co. , Great Falls Park , swamp trail, 38°59.4'N, 77°15.2'W, Malaise trap, trap #1, 3-7.v.2007, D.R. Smith (1♂, USNM) GoogleMaps .


Agromyza pudica is recorded here in Canada, D.C., and five states for the first time.














Agromyza pudica Spencer

Lonsdale, Owen 2021

Agromyza pudica

Spencer 1986